Winchester Match 6.5 PRC 140 Grain Boattail HP 500 rounds


  • Designed for use in rifles equipped with fast twist (1:7in to 1:9in) barrels
  • Match-style Bullet: Proven performance and extreme accuracy on the range
  • Proven Hollow Point Boattail Design: Sleek profile, large boattail and small hollow point maximizes long-range accuracy

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Winchester Match 6.5 PRC

For serious rifle competition, trust Winchester Match 6.5 PRC. Combining proven Winchester technology with proven bullets, the hollow point boattail design provides the precision match shooters demand, shot after shot.

Flat shooting with pinpoint accuracy, Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range uses the tough, deep penetrating Accubond Long Range bullet for supreme performance on the biggest game even at longer distances. Controlled expansion allows for penetrating thick hide and bone before delivering massive knock-down power. Expedition Big Game Long Range is an ultimate performance hunting load for wherever your dream hunt takes you. buy 6.5 PRC vs 6.5 Creedmoor online .

Winchester Match 6.5 PRC BTHP Centerfire 6.5 PRC 140 Grain Rifle Ammo delivers outstanding accuracy at long-range, utilizing sleek, aerodynamic, boattail hollow-point (BTHP) bullets. Maximum ballistic coefficients per caliber minimize bullet drop and wind drift at long range; and concentric bullet jackets and lead cores produce match-grade accuracy at all ranges. Winchester Match BTHP Centerfire Rifle Ammo is manufactured under stringent quality control and loaded with premium components to ensure reliable ignition and consistent velocities. Reloadable brass cases. Made in USA. buy Winchester Match 6.5 PRC here

  • Boattail hollow-point bullets
  • Outstanding accuracy at long-range
  • Minimize bullet drop and wind drift
  • Maximum ballistic coefficients
  • Concentric bullet jackets
  • Reloadable brass cases

    Reach your target, every time. Introducing Winchester Match, the gold standard for long-range precision.

    For serious marksmen and hunters seeking the ultimate in accuracy, Winchester Match delivers. This meticulously crafted ammunition combines proven technology with a sleek bullet profile, maximizing long-range performance even in challenging conditions. The large boattail design reduces wind drift, while the precise hollow point delivers devastating terminal impact.


    • Unmatched Accuracy: Engineered for match-level performance, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
    • Built for Distance: The sleek bullet profile and boattail design conquer wind drift, ensuring pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges.
    • Proven Reliability: Winchester Match boasts consistent performance, shot after shot, year after year.
    • Fast Twist Compatibility: Optimized for rifles with fast twist barrels (1:7″ to 1:9″), unleashing the full potential of the bullet.


    • Product Line: Match
    • Cartridge: [Choose specific cartridge here (e.g., 6.5 PRC)]
    • Bullet Weight: [Choose specific bullet weight here (e.g., 140 grains)]
    • Bullet Type: Hollow Point Boat Tail
    • Bullet Brand: Winchester
    • Muzzle Velocity: [Choose specific muzzle velocity here (e.g., 3030 fps)]
    • Muzzle Energy: [Choose specific muzzle energy here (e.g., 2854 ft/lbs)]
    • Case: Brass
    • Packet Quantity: 20 rounds

    Experience the difference of uncompromising accuracy. Choose Winchester Match 6.5 PRC and unlock your full potential on the range, in the field, or wherever precision matters most.

Caliber:6.5mm PRCNumber of Rounds:500Bullet Type:Jacketed Hollow PointBullet Weight:140 grainMuzzle Velocity:3030 ft/sPrimer Location:Centerfire